Clay Sez

Great Concert Last Night by Charlie Worsham!

The Charlie Worsham show was terrific because of several things. Charlie’s Vocals, his songs, and everything about his performance appealed to all ages, senior citizens, 20-30 year olds, and little kids. Besides Charlie being an amazing guitar player, he told some really interesting stories and anecdotes about the songs that he had written, and how they came to be.

He was one of the most personable entertainers that we’ve ever had at the Kentucky Opry. He talked to the audience through the show,  did requests,  was funny,  was very entertaining, and it was just a fabulous show.

He seemed genuine, and a real down-to-earth young guy, he has so much talent, I believe he will be a big star.

WKYQ Radio did a wonderful job of promoting the concert and we had a great crowd!